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Zante Holiday, September 2018

Thank you to Tracy & Gary for the hard work you put in to make everything great!

Unfortunately, I can not make the Christmas party.

Paul, 18.10.18


Zante Holiday, September 2018

I have had a wonderful holiday in Zante and hope to go again.

The group were lovely and as usual Gary made sure that we had  a good time organising all sorts of activities which we could join in if we wanted to.  Gary puts in 100% into his work and I have never been with a rep who is so passionate about their job.

           See you at the Christmas party! 

           Carole Rutherford, 17.10.18

Black Tie Ball, Bristol

I just wanted to give some feedback on the recent black tie ball in Bristol.

Thanks to Gary and Tracy for a great weekend at the black tie ball in Bristol.  It was the second year that I’d attended. The venue, food and detail that went into arranging the ball were first class. Gary and Tracy were very attentive hosts and we enjoyed the walk around the harbour and boat trip earlier in the day. I will definitely be booking some more events with Dynamics.

Christine Edwards, 02.09.18


Black Tie Ball, Bristol

It was the first time I have been to a Dynamics event and I found the experience very positive.  Everything was well presented and the hosts went out of their way to make sure you were comfortable.  I though the food was of a high standard, piping hot which is difficult to attain when catering for a large number.  Well done Dynamics.  I shall definitely recommend this event to others and look forward to the next one.

Lorraine Martell, 17.08.18


Black Tie Ball, Bristol

A fabulous weekend with wonderful company.  Thanks Gary & Tracy for all your hard work.

Helen W, 13 August 2018


A good night, thanks for sorting.

Paul. C, 13 August 2018


Really enjoyable evening.

Maureen B, 12 August 2018


Thank you Gary & Tracy for organising such a wonderful night and being caring hosts.

I really enjoyed the evening, look forward to the next one.

Jean Hodgkins, 12 August 2018


Great crowd and great fun.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks Gary & Tracy

Carol ONeill, 12 August 2018


An excellent, very well organised & enjoyable event!

Caroline Wilson, 12 August 2018


Boating Weekend, Oxford

Thanks for organising a great weekend.  Very enjoyable.  Very nice crowd.

David, Middlesex, 02 July 2018


Single & Solo holiday to Zante Greece

Had the most wonderful holiday with lovely people.  I have to thank Gary for working so hard to make sure that we were never bored.  Thoroughly enjoyed the clubbing and activities.  I have already booked September so bring it on.

Carole Rutherford, 17 May 2018


Single & Solo Black Tie New Year’s Eve Party

Thanks very much for organising a great evening.  Great food, great company, great music, great place.  Happy New Year.  See you soon.  Best wishes.

David Clyne, 06.01.18


Singles Christmas Party Weekend, Bournemouth

It was thanks to Gary and Tracy that made the Bournemouth weekend a well organised success – always there for us to see we were enjoying ourselves!

Denise Lytton, London, 20.12.17


Singles Holiday, Zante September 2017

I had a fab holiday in Zante – it was great fun.  I loved the lively bars and great beach and will book again for next year.  Gary the host went the extra mile.

Kathy, Middlesex, 14.10.17


Singles Holiday, Zante September 2017

Zante September 17 was the best holiday ever had…was brilliant, Gary and the whole group

Gail Longcluse, Hertfordshire, 10.10.17


Singles Black Tie Ball, Bristol

Great weekend, very well organised with a choice of optional activities. Everyone was sociable and friendly and seemed to enjoy themselves at the ball. Gary and Tracy were brilliant hosts.

Christine Edwards, Berkshire, 20.08.17


Singles Black Tie Ball, Bristol

Please pass on my thanks to Gary and Tracy for a really good night at the Bristol ball last Saturday

John Bowler, 20.08.17


Singles Holiday Zante

Great holiday, the best fun group ever. Gary is the best Rep, he really made our holiday!  Looking forward to booking again next year.

Carol Wingrove, 03.06.17


Singles Holiday Zante

Zante was as beautiful as ever, the turguoise blue sea has to be seen to be believed.

The weather was fantastic in May and we were able to chill in the sun by day and in contrast the nights were lively for those of us who wanted to enjoy music and dancing.

JB, Bristol, 07.03.2017


Singles Summer Black Tie Ball

Thank you very much for your help with my booking for the 2017 Ball, it sounds great.  I am looking forward to walking round the harbour and soaking in the sights, as well as a few beers.  It is great you are supporting a local charity like the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal.

Jerry, Chippenham, 24.02.17


Singles Holiday, Zante

Fantastic holiday as usual!!!  Trying to have some rest!!!

Jim Kumar, 18.05.16


Thank you to Dynamics for another amazing holiday.

Caroline, 15.05.16


Singles Dance Nights, Bristol

I’ve been to a few of the Dynamics events already and they’re great fun and nice group of folks go along too.  A new venue and event this one, so a good way to start the new year me thinks!

Phil Rafferty, 07.01.2016


Christmas Party Weekend, Bournemouth

What a great start to the Christmas celebrations!  Super weekend with Dynamics group brilliantly led by Gary Haskins who ensured that everyone enjoyed themselves.  Late afternoon a visit to the Christmas market with Gluwein and laughs.  Lively dinner dance Saturday night and a bracing walk along the front on Sunday morning.  Wonderful time with friendly company.

Marion Stagg, 11.12.2015


Zante 2015


The weather is good and the tavernas are busy and full of their usual hospitality.

Dave & Barry, just back from Tsilivi, Zante 


I am so looking forward to this trip to Zante, judging from past experience, it should be fun and frolics!

Jim, London, July 2015


Black Tie Ball, Bristol, August 2015

Just to let you know that Saturday night was a really most excellent night.  Good choice of venue.  Good hotel service with a lovely meal & wine. I like the way the DJ sent round cards to put requests on, so he would know the guests taste in music, and he kept every one dancing all night right to the end, the only down side was the dance floor should have been twice the side it was. I talked to all the lovely ladies, danced with most of them and had a really good time. I would recommend this weekend to everyone, I would definitely go again. Thank you for organising it.

Well done Regards Dan York….x

I had gr8 time and keen to promote the Company to my friends.

Claire, Hertfordshire, August 2015

ABBA Tribute, Swindon June 2015


Thanks for a terrific event. Hotel was good, hosts were excellent and the show was entertaining. Here’s to many more!
Chris Boam, 14.06.15

Thanks for a fab night, great company, food and dancing. Well organised and friendly helpful hosts. Can’t wait for the summer ball in August☺
Alison Hefford, 13.06.15

Had a fantastic time at the recent ABBA dinner & disco evening at the Swindon Urban Village. Great hotel venue with excellent facilities and two brilliant hosts, Tracy & Gary. As well as the main event, their enthusiasm extended to organising tenpin bowling fun and a relaxing walk around the local country house park. Fully recommend!
Gary Carter, 27.06.15

I am keen to book the Bournemouth Urban Village party weekend.I recently stayed at the hotel, it has a good vibe, a cool bar, Starbucks and a fantastic well equipped leisure facility. I like the option of the bike ride and may pluck up the courage to do the zip wire ride, it looks awesome!
JK, London

Traffic permitting I will be arriving early afternoon for the Summer Ball, so I can relax in the bar, maybe totally chill with a pamper package in the spa before hitting the dance floor.
Kathy, Middlesex

I am pleased to see Dynamics are offering UK events for 30-50 age group. I will be attending the Summer Ball in Bristol.
AliBali, Northampton

It is good that there seems to be a wide range of optional events on both days. If the weather is nice I would like to join the walk, if not it’s a nice swim or spa for me!
I have sent the organisers some of my favourite dance tracks,great idea!!
Jules, St Albans

It has to be the ABBA night for me in June at Swindon!
Dancing Queen, Bury St Edmunds

As a lover of the South coast line I am planning to join the Bournemouth event and hope someone will join me on a bike ride along the coastal path.
Gary, Norwich